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Terror suspect arrested in Mokowe, Lamu

[Al-Shabab militia men training. Photo/Courtesy].

The Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) is detaining a man believed to be an Al-shabab militia.

The suspect was arrested on Sunday evening at Mokowe area in Lamu county after expressing suspicious characters according to Lamu county commissioner Irungu Macharia.

Macharia said the suspect, after reaching Mokowe area started interrogating locals in a suspicious manner.

“The suspect tends to be so inquisitive and he was asking about various areas and islands within the county,” said Mr Macharia.

He also wanted to know the way to Bargoni area, a place that has witnessed a series or terror attacks targeting police officers.

He said the suspect clearly speaks Arabic, English and Swahili though many locals in the area did not know him.

Locals informed the police about the suspicious character and he was immediately nabbed and handed to the ATPU.

“We want to establish the motive behind his inquisitive behaviours,” noted Macharia.

Macharia had earlier cautioned that locals might be colluding with the terror network to enable them plan and execute their attacks in the county.

He wondered how the Al-Shabab militia men survived in the deep forest of Boni without food and water.

But locals have since denied being terrorists sympathisers.

Lamu county has witnessed series of terror attacks mostly targeting security agents.