Home News The day when Kenyans became black, smelly, poor monkeys!

The day when Kenyans became black, smelly, poor monkeys!

[Racist Chinese Man Liu Jiaqi. Photo/ Courtesy]

It was a shame for the government to ignore the plights of workers constructing the Standard Gauge Railway-SGR after complaints that they were being subjected to racism and discrimination by their employers from China.

Their claims became evident after a Chinese Man Liu Jiaqi who threatened to sack an employee from his motorcycle shop for being Kenyan.

Liu said that Kenyans were black, poor and smelly just like monkeys and went ahead to degrade the Head of state too.

According to the Immigration department, Liu was on Thursday deported back to his country and his work permit revoked.

However, when Kenyans working under the SGR construction raised such complaints, the government downplayed them only for such racism to resurface on social media.

However, it has emerged that the video of the racist Chinese man was recorded in June this year and Liu was already fined Ksh. 10,000 and forced to apologise to Kenyans.

According to the Chinese Embassy Spokesperson Zhang Gang, though his work permit was rejected, Liu had apologised and was warned over such racist remarks.

“The issue was resolved in June this year, there should be no cause of alarm and hatred, the video has just resurfaced but the incident did not happen this week,” said Zhang.

He noted that Kenya and Chinese government had a cordial diplomatic relations and such reckless and racist remarks were detrimental to such ties.

Mr. Gang apologized to Kenyans one again after the video resurfaced on the social media despite the matter having been resolved.