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The Dongo Kundu by-pass acrimony

[Tsunza residents protesting land grabbing in their native land. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Tsunza residents in Kinango Kwale County have protested the construction of Dongo Kundu bypass over failure to compensate them for their land, Fruit trees and Fishing points affected by the project.

The locals say their land has been invaded by grabbers and appealed to the President Uhuru Kenyatta and Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji to rescue them.

Njeka Fredrick Maronda, a resident and Chair Jamii Social Forums which fights for the local’s  rights said over 3000 families have been affected by the land wrangles with the Dongo Kundu bypass project for failure to be compensated.

He said a detailed report prepared in 2015 shows all land matters and they have visited 27 offices in the country without getting any help.

They said the Dongo Kundu bypass came into effect without any public participation forums.

“As locals we are worried to see the contractor on sight, tractors and other machines preparing the land for the project to go on before people are duly compensated and no word is coming from the concerned officials.” Said Njeka.

Looming eviction

They said they have no trust in the departments concerned with the Dongo Kundu road project calling on the attention of the President, DPP and Anti-corruption office to intervene on the matter to evade suffering and possible eviction without compensation.

[Jamii Social Forum Chairperson Njeka Fredrick Maronda. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

“There is corruption behind land compensation in Tsunza and land grabbers have teamed up to frustrate locals from getting what is rightfully theirs.” He observed

He cited the land grabbers have gone a notch higher to give public utility land to individuals including land set aside for lagoons ending up to individuals.

Jamii Social Forums spokesperson Ali Govi said locals’ cry has taken long to be resolved.

The pain

He added that the expensive project has been hidden to the public thus the failure to compensate locals calling on the government to revoke the said allocations for public land to individuals and go to the benefit of the community.

He suggested the project to halted until every resident gets what is rightfully theirs.

He warned that if the right procedure is not followed the future of Tsunza generations will be subjected to landlessness.

Ali Govi said phase 1 of the Dongo Kundu bypass had not been marred with controversy and locals benefitted but since it is the first time the multi-billion project has got to Tsunza, they say the concerned departments are out to frustrate the locals and undermine their rights through intimidation.

June Chaka resident said the locals welcome the Dongo Kundu bypass since it promised to employ 70percent workforce sought from the locals but instead that has not been the case.

He said the agreement between the locals and the contractor has been breached since the project has been sub-contracted.

Land office

She blamed the lands office for allowing community land to be sold by an individual leaving the rest landless.

They requested for social land audit by the help of the president since public utility land has been subdivided to individuals.

[A teary Tsunza resident Mzee Mwandeje Mghala Mwandeje. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

A resident, Mwandeje Mghala said some people have been compensated for their crops some to the value of sh10,000 where rogue officials claim all compensations had been done which is false.