Home News Three cops arrested for aiding serial killer Masten Wanjala escape

Three cops arrested for aiding serial killer Masten Wanjala escape

[suspected serial killer Masten Wanjala. Photo/courtesy].

Three police officers have been arrested for allegedly aiding the escape of a serial killer Masten Millimo Wanjala.

Police Inspector Philip Mbithi, Police Constables Boniface Mutuma and Precious Mwende of Jogoo Police Station are in police custody.

They were arrested by Nairobi Regional Criminal Investigations Officers and are to be charged in court.

They will be charged with aiding escape from lawful custody and neglect of official duties.

Wanjala, who is linked to the murder of more than 10 minors, escaped from police custody on Wednesday.

He was being detained at Jogoo Road Police Station, Nairobi.

The duty officer noticed that Wanjala was missing at around 7 am on Wednesday. He was expected in court the same morning to face 13 counts of murder.


Wanjala admitted to have murdered four minors, drunk their blood and later buried them in different shallow graves.

Buruburu Sub-County Police Commander Francis Kamau said Wanjala escaped in unclear circumstances Tuesday night with reports indicating that he could have escaped during dinner time or thereafter as there was a power blackout at the station between 3pm and 8pm.

Wanjala was last seen between 6pm and 7pm having his dinner in the cell with seven other inmates.

A roll call taken by an officer who reported on duty eight hours later at 7am revealed that Wanjala was missing although all the other inmates were in the cell.

The mysterious escape raising the question of how a self-confessed murderer managed to escape from a highly secured police station, manned by armed police officers at the gate round the clock.