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Transport stakeholders, rights groups to fight 100% SGR cargo haulage


Kenya Transporters Association, has vowed to team up with other transport stakeholders and human rights defenders within the Coast region to block government efforts in transporting all cargo from Mombasa port through the Standard Gauge Railway – SGR.

KTA Secretary General Dennis Ombok said the government aims at killing the road transport and no any other agenda.

Ombok said the government has been reluctant in solving the Namanga- Tanzania border issue as well as the Malaba-Uganda border over the Covid-19 examination wrangles.

He said the government ought to have initiated inter-states dialogue in a bid to solve the border statement.

“It is clear that the government has hidden agenda in delaying Coronavirus results at the border points,” said Mr. Ombok.

On his part, First Action movement, Chairperson Salim Karama strongly criticised the government order that all cargo from the port of Mombasa will be transported through SGR to Naivasha dry port.

He said the move will completely distabilise Mombasa and the larger Coast economically.

Karama said the government deliberately caused the Kenya-Tanzania, Kenya -Uganda and Kenya-Sudan border disputes so that it can implement the oppressive directive.

“This was a pure gimmick the government employed to kill the Coast region economically,” said Mr. Karama.

Meanwhile, Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid has accused the government over the discriminatory transport directive.

He said the government should not ignore the calls from transport stakeholders as many have now been left jobless.

“I do not think the government put into consideration the plights of Coastal people, the road transport has employed many compared SGR,” said Mr. Khalid.

He appealed to Coast regional leaders to join efforts in fighting for the Coastal economy.

“Our Coast political leaders have failed us, they have remained mum as the national government is taking everything from us,” he said.

Uganda has since backed out of clearing cargo from Naivasha dry port.