Home News Two Al-Shabab militia killed in Boni forest

Two Al-Shabab militia killed in Boni forest

[The militia uniforms recovered at 'Kwa Omollo' in lamu County. Photo/file].

KDF soldiers on Saturday morning killed two Al-Shabab militiamen in Boni forest, Lamu county.

Lamu County Commissioner Irungu Macharia said the night long battle between the Al-Shabab militiamen and KDF soldiers left the two dead while others fled to the deep Boni forest.

Mr. Macharia said multi- agency team is pursuing the militia men who have been using the Boni forest as their hide out.

“Boni forest being along the Kenya-Somali border has posed major security challenges and multi-agency security team is combing the forest in a bid to flush out the militiamen,” noted Mr Macharia.

The Saturday night incident happened at Mangulo area in Mararani within Basuba Ward.

Security forces are using both on air and ground operations in battling out the militiamen.


“However, we urge Lamu residents to be on the look out so that we contain this security threat. Where do these people get a lot of food and water in the deep forest?” posed the administrator.

The battle has been enhanced since the resurfacing of a police constable Norman Mwongera after 17 days of fruitless searching in the deep Boni forest last week.

Mwongera who resurfaced at the GSU camp in Basuba was emaciated and was immediately flown to Nairobi.

He vanished during a battle with Al-Shabab militiamen after their police vehicle rammed on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), injuring and killing several other soldiers.

He sustained gunshot wounds.