Home News Two Lamu men arrested for raping mentally ill woman

Two Lamu men arrested for raping mentally ill woman


Two men have been arrested for allegedly raping a mentally sick woman in Lamu county.

According to the police report, the two, Shadrack Murimi Maina, 43 and Hiribae Kokane, 45 have been operating as Nyumba Kumi elders at Sina Mbio area in Lamu County.

“We were on our normal patrol during late evening hours on Monday when we came across the woman who was carrying a loaf of bread along the road,” Said one of the village elders Samuel Ngumi.

Ngumi narrated that since the woman was frightened and they could not offer direct help, He decided to leave her with the two men Maina and Kokane for protection as he sought help from the nearby police post.

“To my shock and disbelief, We returned to where I left the three and we found Maina in the act,” Said Ngumi.

According to the DCI, Kokane had had his turn of sexually abusing the mentally challenged woman and left the scene.

“On spotting us, Maina too vanished into the nearby forest,” Read part of the DCI report released on Wednesday.

The woman was helped by Ngumi and other police officers and she was accorded the necessary medical attention.

Police say she is under close medical monitoring.

The two suspects were arrested on Wednesday and will remain in police custody awaiting to be arraigned in court.

Recently, Mpeketoni Resident Magistrate Eugene Pascal Nabwana said he had handled such cases where mentally challenged women have been sexually molested.

Nabwana said such cases have been reported and the Mpeketoni law courts took steps not only to tackle such heartbreaking occurrences but also to indulge the community at the grassroots level in fighting the vice.

[Mpeketoni Resident Magistrate Eugene Pascal Nabwana. Photo/Ahmed Omar].
“Whether mentally ill or well upstairs elders or even minors, defilement, rape and any other form of sexual abuse against anyone are unlawful,” Said Mr Nabwana.

Nabwana, together with other gender activists is conducting awareness campaigns with an aim of empowering the community in Mpeketoni to battle sexual abuse against women and children.