Home News Two Westgate mall attackers to be sentenced on October, 22

Two Westgate mall attackers to be sentenced on October, 22

[Terror suspects before Nairobi court. Photo/courtersy]

Two terror suspects who planned and executed the Westgate mall terror attack in 2013 will be sentenced on October 22.

67 people died, over 200 sustained serious injuries and some left with permanent disabilities.

Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi told Nairobi court that Mohammed Abdi and Hassan Abdullahi Mustafa conspired with terror attackers that led to death and destruction of property.

Third suspect Liban Omar was however acquitted for lack of evidence that linked him to the terror attack.

The three have been remanded for 7 years.

Andayi said the prosecution had proven its case beyond reasonable doubt against the two.

Close contact

Earlier, the lead prosecutor Edwin Okello, told the court that Abdi and Mustafa were in communication with the attackers and detectives had recovered laptop from the two that had terrorism related material.

The laptop according to the prosecutor was recovered from Abdi who was arrested in Kitale three days after the attack. He was heading to Kakuma refugee camp.

Four attackers were killed at the scene.

Five mobile phones and six registered sim cards were recovered in their vehicle.