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Ugandan national linked to Mombasa murder nabbed

[Murder suspects Suleiman Mayanja. Photo/DCI

Detectives in Mombasa have nabbed a suspect linked to the murder of a 25-year-old woman in Mombasa on Monday.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) indicated that the suspect, Suleiman Mayanja, a Ugandan national who entered the country in September through the Busia border point, was flushed out by detectives at his hide out at the Nyali Cinemax, Mombasa.

“Mayanja, had sent a cab driver to collect his belongings from the room which he had booked on September 30, when detectives pounced on him. Undercover cops had laid an ambush in the apartment,” the DCI said.

He was immediately seized and after a few minutes of interrogation, whisked to a waiting police vehicle.

The agency stated that detectives had established that the suspect, who arrived in the country on September 1, was not known associate of the deceased, the two only having met once before the subsequent meeting during which the victim was killed.

They had met a day before at a popular joint, where they made merry and drunk. Monday’s meeting was the second.

The deceased had joined Mayanja on Sunday night in the rented apartment, before she met her demise at 3am on Monday. Her half-dressed body was discovered by the apartment’s guard, Parsaoti Ole Morinket.

The DCI agents stated that the suspect was being grilled for more details relating to the incident, for the appropriate charges to be preferred against him before arraignment.

The arrest came a day after two bodies were recovered in Kilifi’s Mtwapa area. The two, a man and a woman, fell from an apartment, in an incident that shocked residents.