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Visually impaired get relief from well wishers

[CPWD CEO Hamisa Zaja during the relief distribution at Shanzu. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Visually impaired persons from Mombasa County received food, face masks and sanitizers from well-wishers.

Almost 100 families have so far benefited from the ongoing program to combat the spread of Coronavirus.

Coast Association for Persons with Disability (CPWD) Chief Executive Officer Hamisa Zaja presided over the distribution of the commodities to the vulnerable communities at the Hodi Hodi village informal settlement in Shanzu, Kisauni constituency which hosts blind persons.

It was a moment of joy to the villagers when the truck carrying the commodities arrived when the blind from the slum area received the food, face masks and sanitizers from the well-wishers.

Zaja said she joined other non-governmental organisations to assist the visually impaired with foods amid the economic hardships brought about by the Coronavirus.


She said statistics reveal the blind are the most challenged following the outbreak of the pandemic.

“The organisations that are involved in relief food programs will be on the forefront to ensure the vulnerable societies get their daily bread during these hard times of the pandemic,” she pointed out.

Ms Zaja said they are targeting almost 3,000 visually impaired persons in the Coastal region who need assistance.

She said persons living with disability face the challenge of being unable to physically move to carry out their normal daily routine.

[CPWD CEO Hamisa Zaja. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

She pointed out the blind are the most challenged by the rules to curb the spread of the virus mainly observing physical distance.

“It has been impossible for the blind to observe physical distance as they cannot move around without being guided,” she stressed out.

One of the visually impaired persons Emily Likhodito, said they are affected economically by the outbreak of the virus forcing them to close down their small business.

She added they were forced to stop hawking due to the deadly disease which has made their lives miserable.

“It is rare for the blind to get employed apart from being self-employed,” she said.