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Wa-jomvu community protest land grabbing

[Wajomvu community protesting land grabbing. Photo/Elvis Kenga].

Coast Communities have decried continuous land injustices occasioned by land grabbing by private developers defying court orders.

WA-Jomvu spokesperson Ahmed Kombo Ahmed said the Coastal indigenous communities willingly gave their land to missionaries to build missions and churches but current church leaders have subdivided and sold the land to their close relatives leaving the locals landless.

He said the community of over 10,000 people has been confined to a six acres piece of land where the church has over 150 acres which they are now selling to non locals.

“Our generations have stayed here for over 800 years now we have no land even for burying our deceased.” Said Kombo adding that every community in Kenya is associated with a place of origin and trace their roots for generations.

He added that they had vast lands touching to the ocean where they relied on fishing but now they have been blocked from accessing the ocean which was their source of livelihood.

Kombo said the church has brought people to their ancestral land without involving locals who want to purchase the land back since their families have grown and in need of land.

He observed that locals have been forced to rent houses in their own motherland as aliens.

Methodist Church

The said land has been issued to the Methodist church which has in turn brought people from central Kenya and sold the pieces.

The locals argue there is pending court case regarding the land but people have started developing it.

Committee member of the Wa-Jomvu Kombo Hassan said the development should stop otherwise the locals will take law into their hands.

“We want the developers to stop otherwise we will disrupt peace in the area and stop the development of the controversial land, ” said an agitated Hassan