Home News We’ll deal with ‘Disco matanga’ organisers, Mutindika warns

We’ll deal with ‘Disco matanga’ organisers, Mutindika warns

[Kilifi County Commissioner Magu Njuki Mutindika addressing locals at Karisa Maitha grounds in Kilifi town. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Kilifi County Commissioner Magu Mutindika has issued unyielding warning to locals who will organize ‘Disco matanga’ during burial ceremonies in the county that they will be dealt with accordingly.

Mutindika said the week long, day and night celebrations have led to disintegration of behavior among young children.

Mutindika said that ‘Disco matanga’ was the main cause of pregnancies among school going children and vowed to punish all those culpable of the nuisance.

He said he has ordered the County administration police and other security agents in Kilifi to confiscate all musical equipments that will be used in ‘Disco matanga’ celebrations.

“We have debated this particular issue for a very long time it’s a matter of action and not relenting,” he added.

He cautioned Chiefs in the county that they will also be punished if their areas will be marred by ‘Disco matanga’ celebrations and early pregnancies among young girls.

“These useless celebrations are dwindling development and shutting the dreams of our children, we must curtail them,” insisted Mr. Mutindika.

The County commissioner also cautioned parents in the county for nodding their young children to attend such celebrations and warned that such parents will be arrested and ordered to explain why they have failed in their responsibilities.

Mutindika tasked parents must be in the forefront in ensuring children are deterred from attending ‘Disco matanga’ celebrations.

He warned that children found in ‘Disco matanga’ together with their parents will be arrested.

Mutindika said that already security officers in the county are working round the clock to discourage locals from organising or attending such celebrations which have proved detrimental to the county’s development agenda.

“Disco matanga celebrations have led to lower levels of education, teenage pregnancies, poverty among other social vices that have negatively impacted Kilifi County,” added Mr. Mutindika.