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We’ve been praying in the sun for 7 years-Muslim cleric

[Ustadh Khamis Mwabega Ali of Masjid Sidik, Majaoni Kisauni Constituency. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Muslim faithful in Mdengerekeni area, Kisauni Constituency, Mombasa have appealed for help to complete the construction of their mosque.

The mosques stands on 8 pillars and iron sheet roofing fixed recently.

Muslim preacher Ustadh Khamis Mwabega Ali who has been overseeing the construction of the mosque said before the closure of mosques due to Coronavirus pandemic, Muslims in the area prayed in the sun for the last seven years.

He said they have been searching for help from other Muslim faithful across the region unsuccessfully.

Mwabega said the area lack any house of worship, however they decided to pray in the sun and in rains as they could not suspend prayers for lack of a well-built mosque.

Ustadh Mwabega, a Muslim cleric at Masjid Sidik in Majaoni, Kisauni Sub-county said the pillars were erected by locals who provided few materials and employed their little experience.

Religious guidance

“We are not giving up, we are praying that our fellow Muslims will lend a hand so that we complete the construction of Mdengerekeni mosque” he said.

He appealed to Muslims to come out and conduct a good religious deed of ensuring Mdengerekeni Muslim faithful get a better place for worshipping.

[Muslim faithful praying inside Mdengerekeni mosque in Kisauni. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

“In such a place, without proper religious guidance to the community and especially the youth, then we are losing a whole generation to societal evils,” reiterated the Muslim cleric.

He said any help from well-wishers will facilitate digging a bore hall and complete the construction work.

The mosques lack proper constructed floor and for years the faithful have been forced to uproot grass growing inside the mosque.

On his part the resident preacher Ustadh Abdulrazak Mwinga said any help both in cash and kind will help complete the construction work.

“On Fridays Muslims from this area are forced to walk several kilo meters away to Majaoni, Shanzu, Bamburi or even at Kiembeni to conduct prayers,” said Mwinga.


[For any help, Muslims and well-wishers can contact Ustadh Mwabega on 0723 929113].