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Wiper Democratic top official laid to rest in Mombasa

[The casket bearing the body of the late Salim Bajaber. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Wiper Democratic Deputy Organising Secretary the late Salim Bajaber has been laid to rest.

Bajaber was interred at the Manyimbo cemetery in Tudor, Mombasa County on Monday afternoon in a ceremony that was attended by Wiper Democratic Party leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and the Party Chairperson Chirau Ali Mwakwere.

According to Kalonzo, Bajaber gave the two top Wiper brass a warm welcome when they opened the Mombasa Wiper democratic office barely two weeks ago.

[Wiper Democratic Party Leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka (left) with the Party Chairman Chirau Ali Mwakwere. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Kalonzo termed Bajaber as a selfless leader who fought for the growth of Wiper Democratic Party and had the best plans for the party towards the 2022 general election.

“I am speechless as the Party leader since I have been close to Bajaber through our virtually meetings and he had big plans for the party, may his soul rest in peace,” revealed an evident pained Kalonzo.

Big blow

On his party, Wiper Chairperson Chirau Ali Mwakwere termed Salim’s death as a big blow to him as the Party Chairperson.

He said Bajaber was among the Coast Wiper Democratic Party leader who dedicated their time to oversee the growth of the Party in the region.

“We have to bitterly accept it. His death has challenged us but God’s plan is the best,” said Mwakwere.

He said the party will strive to ensure Bajaber’s wishes are all fulfilled in totality.

Bajaber served as the Mombasa municipal council Deputy Mayor.

[Former Mombasa Deputy Mayor the late Salim Bajaber. Photo/courtesy].

He also served as the Tudor-Four Councillor.

He succumbed to short illness at the Mombasa hospital on Sunday afternoon where he has been receiving urgent medical attention.