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Woman Chief Kadhi? No way – Muslim clerics

[Muslim Cleric, Sheikh Abu Qattada. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Mombasa based Muslim clerics have cautioned those bringing about the debate of having a first woman Chief Kadhi in the country to immediately stop.

The clerics while marking Eid-ul-Adha at Tononoka grounds in Mombasa on Tuesday said such attempts should cease since they are aimed at dividing the larger Muslim fraternity.

Ibrahim mosque preacher Sheikh Abu Qattada, said such things are not allowed in the Islamic religion and none should push for woman Chief Kadhi.

According to Sheikh Qattada, the Islamic rituals and Quran teachings are against such leadership and those aiming and creating confusion in the Islamic community should cease and concentrate on other constructive issues.

“In the judiciary, Kadhi’s court remains a religious issue and should not be confused as part of the normal judicial system,” said the Muslim preacher.

Sheikh Qattada said there is no problem at all for the country to be led by a woman Chief Justice Martha Koome, however, such religious matters should not be linked to the normal judicial system.

His sentiments were backed by ‘The light of Peace’ Muslim organisation Head Ustadh Mohammad Bwana who said deliberating on such issue is a waste of time.

Sharia law

He said Muslims is guided by the Sharia law and such religious matters should not be discussed at a gender parity level.

“No one is discriminating against women in our society however, the women leadership has limits especially when it comes to Islamic religion.

The push

Muslim women have been pushing for a woman Chief Kadhi after the current Chief Kadhi Sheikh Sharif Ahmed Muhdhar’s tenure ends later this year.

Sheikh Muhdhar has supported the push saying it is time the top Islamic judicial post is taken by a qualified woman.

According to the women activist, the promotion of Martha Koome to Chief Justice has given them new motivation to seek the top position in the courts that determine questions of Muslim law in relation to personal status, marriage, divorce and inheritance.

[Chief Kadhi Sheikh Shariff Ahmed Muhdhar. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Chief Kadhi Muhdhar fully backs the idea, saying women are also entitled to the position as long as they are qualified.

But Sheikh Qattada among other Muslim clerics in the Coast region strongly object to the push saying a woman should not be a Chief Kadhi.