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Woman who escaped with a minor arrested

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The Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) has nabbed a woman in Malaba who has routinely defied court orders to share custody of a minor with his father in line with a court ruling on the matter four months ago.

Hellen Maria Imokor who is the minors mother and a litigant in a child custody case with her former lover Kevin Burry was granted the child by a Mombasa High Court to share his custody equally with the father, a former British Intelligence Officer but vanished with the child, prompting a court-sanctioned search for her that took four months.

Upon rescue, the child was suffering from a persistent cough and had an ugly red patch on his chest which prompted the police to release him to the care of his father so that he can get emergency medical attention.

Imokor upon being presented in court before Judge Anne Ong’injo was ordered, to appear on September, 16th, 2021 along with the child and a comprehensive medical report on his condition for further direction.

Burry’s advocate Lawrence Obonyo argued that Imokor’s contemptuous court record, as well as her denying the child education, Medicare and access to his father, were an indication that she will fail to honour the court yet again.

“hopefully, court records indicating the woman is mentally unstable will rule in the minor’s best interest and end the agony he has been undergoing for the past four months,” said Obonyo.

It is the fourth time Imokor is being nabbed.

“It is obvious the child suffers whenever he is entrusted to her, with the minor’s health regressing and his education terminated because she will take off with him just to spite his father”, Added Obonyo.

The battle

Earlier, Mombasa High Court Judge Njoki Mwangi ordered the police to assist in tracing the woman’s and the child and produce them in court on August, 31.

The woman who violated a penal warning that failure to comply with the shared custody arrangement put in place by the court would risk a fine and or imprisonment.

The child is at the centre of a legal tussle between his parents, with the mother, a Mtwapa resident battling for his custody with the father, a former British intelligence officer.

Court records regarding the case indicate there was a mental examination application to assess the stability of the woman which the judge also ignored.

In challenging the mental state of mind of the Briton’s affidavit states that the woman threatened to kill him and further accusing his lawyer of being a rapist and a kidnapper for representing him in evidence recorded on mobile phone and submitted to the court.

He further states that she has cleared an account which he set up for his education and has been attempting to sell his ten million shilling home.

Earlier, police raided a private residence in Mtwapa where Imokor said to have hidden the minor but she had already vanished with the Imokor.

Reports from medical experts warning there might be physical and psychological risks involved in placing the child with the mother which the court also failed to act upon.