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Wundanyi MP saves elderly missing in cash transfer program

[Wundanyi MP Danson Mwashaco. Photo/Elvis Kenga].

Wundanyi Member of Parliament Danson Mwashaco’s efforts in demanding answers to the thousands elders missing in the government cash transfer program Inua jamii’ has finally yielded fruits.

Mwashaco raised the issue at the National assembly barely a week ago demanding an explanation from the Ministry of labour and Social protection over the thousand elderly missing in the program.

Mwashaco wanted the Ministry to give a detailed explanation as to why many elderly who attained the age of 70 were expunged from the government sh. 2000 cash transfer monthly.


According to the Legislature, the ‘Inua jamii’ social cash transfer was discriminatory and need restructuring.

“We cannot have a program that is discriminatory, leaving out many senior citizens who have attained the minimum qualifying age and other vulnerable persons in our country suffering,” he said.

The Lawmaker said some of the elderly have been turned away after seeking answers as to why their names were no longer in the beneficiary list.

“The Ministry of labour and the Department of Social Protection keeps giving lame excuses, making our Chiefs and social Services Officers look bad, and yet it is said corruption is so prevalent in this department,” he charged.


Mr. Mwashaco appealed for a clean-up and streamlining of the registration process so as to enable the senior citizens benefit from the program.

He vowed to pile pressure on the government so that all citizens above the age of 70 benefit from the sh. 2000 payout every month.

On Monday, the government launched a new registration exercise to all those who attained the age of 70 years so that they can be included in the cash transfer program.

The elders who once received the money were later crossed out leaving only a few beneficiaries.

The problem is said to have occurred after a migration process from the card system to bank account system according to a circular issued by the government last week.

The government ordered all officers in charge to conduct a fresh registration process so that those who have attained the age of 70 are included in the program.