Home News You won’t gain political mileage by soiling my name-Nassir

You won’t gain political mileage by soiling my name-Nassir

[Mvita Member of Parliament Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir. Photo/Abbas Omar].

Mvita Member of Parliament Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir has scoffed at some politicians behind reports linking the MP as one of the Mombasa port privatisation beneficiaries.

Nassir termed the reports as mere malice and ill-formed, urging his opponents to come forward with fully evidence about their claims.

The Mvita Legislature termed the claims as clear plot to tumble him politically, a plan he said will not materialise.

Nassir said he has been in the fore front in opposing privatisation of the container terminal-2 though it was later privatised through the President.


“You all clearly know and understand what transpired leading to privatisation of the Mombasa port Container terminal-2, I moved the motion against the privatisation and it was passed,” he said while addressing journalists at his Mombasa office.

According to Nassir some people are being politically misused to drug his name in port tenders.

“I vividly know who is involved in dirtying my name. I know their objective on this matter. However I will never engage them,” said Mr. Nassir.

According to Nassir, those maliciously propagating such reports should conduct company such and unearth who the beneficiaries are.

“Before you spread such lies and fouling my name kindly conduct research and do your inquiries well before you distort what is in record,” he reiterated.


The Lawmaker blamed his 2022 Mombasa county gubernatorial battle rivals for the allegations.

He vowed not to engage them despite knowing them by names and their accomplices in spreading false information about him.

Recently Nassir and Grain bulk handlers company owner Mohamed Jaffar were mentioned as some of the port privatisation tender beneficiaries.

Mombasa residents criticised Nassir and other Mombasa political leaders for taking part in killing the Mombasa economy.

However, the Mvita MP has defended himself appealing to all those with tangible evidence about the matter to present it to the public.