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Youth cautioned against being misused by politicians


Youth in the Coast region are being warned against engaging in the ongoing divisive politics that can easily breach peace in the region.

The youth have been further tasked to reflect their lives and the past political events before giving into the ongoing politics.

Non-governmental Organisation Kenya Community Support Centre- KECOSCE Executive director Phyllis Muema said the youth remain vulnerable to such political intrigues a situation that needs to be arrested.

Ms Muema said in the past years youth have been lured into disrupting peace and security without realising that they were actually doing so.

She said the youth have been used to by politicians to either revenge on behalf of the politicians or even indulge in criminal activities to protect alleged territories of such politicians.

“These occurrences are not new to us, we have witnessed them for so long we must quickly I have our youth in constructive dialogues to avert them from being misused,” said Ms Muema.

The Coast based peace and security activist acknowledged that as the 2022 general election politics hots up, it is necessary for youth to be fully involved in peace and security activities.

“The same youth have become prime suspects whenever fracas, theft, or any form of crime occurs, it’s up to them to clean themselves by joining our peace forums across the region,” noted Muema.

The KECOSCE Executive director urged youth to be very careful with their deeds so that their dreams and objectives are not shuttered by politicians.

KECOSCE conducts it’s peace and security engagement forums in the entire Coast region and in Garissa County.

The Organisation targets areas that recently witnessed high levels of violent extremism among the youthful generation.

The positive impact of the engagement forums have been witnessed in Garissa, Lamu, Tana River Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale counties along the Coast region.