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Youth salvage small-businesses in Kisauni

[WYO Chairperson Mr. Said Shaban (Left) with Haki Africa Programs Assistant Mr. Ali Fujo (Right) distributing food to a beneficiary at Mlaleo in Kisauni. Photo/ Bakari Ali].

Kisauni youth have launched an initiative to rescue small businesses within their community.

The move has been necessitated by the drastic economic impact caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Wakombozi, a Kisauni based youth organization from members’ contribution is distributing goods to women engaging in food businesses within the Sub-County.

According to Wakombozi Youth Organisation Chairperson Said Shaban Omar, the initiative targets mothers who their children were once entangled into criminal activities but reformed.

“If we enable these mothers to carry on with their livelihood projects, they will be able to fend for their families, thus reducing the crime rate in the area,” said Mr. Shaban.

Selfless youth

He further noted that the youth group is engaging other youth within Kisauni Constituency in community service so as to encourage them to shun drugs and crime.

“We are not just engaging the youth in community service but also involving them in counseling and sharing sessions, this enables them to open up and get the necessary guidance,” he further revealed.

Apart from reviving small businesses among Kisauni women, Wakombozi Youth Group is also engaging youth in environmental cleanliness programs within residential areas.

Noble course

On his part, Haki Africa Programs assistant Ali Fujo termed the youth efforts as worthy and which should be embraced by the entire Kisauni community.

[Wakombozi Youth Organisation distributing goods to women engaging in food businesses at Mlaleo area in Kisauni. Photo/Bakari Ali].

He said Wakombozi has positively impacted the efforts to tame drug abuse and crime among their peers in the area.

Mr. Fujo appealed to local leaders and the entire Kisauni Sub-County administration to support the youth who have depicted special interest in changing their own community.

“This is a very rare occurrence where youth contributes money to initiate livelihood projects to women in their own society,” he said.

He noted that Haki Africa will closely work with the youth group in ensuring societal evils among them drugs and crime are fully combatted.