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Youth urged to deter from drugs


Youth at the Coast have been tasked to deter from drug and substance abuse.

The special message targeting the youth was delivered on Thursday during the International youth day, 2021 commemorations anti-drug Czar Taib Abdulrahman.

According to Abdulrahman, youth should take the mantle in controlling their lives warning that drugs will not do them any better.

He said the drug menace has rendered many coastal youth unproductive, saying joblessness should not push youth to drugs.

“As we mark the International Youth Day, 2021 today, we should reflect on the direction youth should take in this country,” Noted Mr. Abdulrahman.

This year’s commemoration is themed “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health,”


The anti-drug lobby Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director also divulged that it is time youth deter from abusing drugs and take control of their lives.

He said, unemployment, peer influence, and depression are some of the pushing factors, however, the Organisation has been working closely with the community and other partners to fight back the menace and disentangle the youth from the menace.

“However, abusing drugs does not quell depression or yield employment for the youth, we need concerted efforts in safeguarding youth from the menace,” added Mr. Abdulrahman.

He said during the International Youth Day, 2021, youth should embrace the available self-reliance opportunities and fully engage in community and development issues.

The anti-drug activists said though the situation remains delicate especially following the drastic Covid-19 containment measures that have thrown many youths into economic confusion, youth should not relent in battling for their space in both the national and county government.


The renowned social worker reiterated the need for enhanced community awareness on the effects of drug and substance abuse so that the young generation can be safeguarded.

He said the situation remains dire and should not be left to non-governmental alone but approached in a communal way.

“The national and county government, as well as the community, should join hands in ensuring the fight against drug use among communities especially at the Coast is curtailed,” said the anti-drug icon.

Currently, the Reachout Centre Trust provided various including health interventions to people who use drugs, progressive drug policies as well as advocacy targeting the local communities on the effects of drug use as well as mitigating measures.