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Haki Africa wants TSC to pursue St. Claret’s ‘heartless’ teacher

[Haki Africa rapid response Officer Hezron Mathias Shipetta. Photo/courtesy]

Human rights lobby Haki Africa is calling for urgent interventions by the Teachers Service Commission-TSC on an Incident where a teacher is accused of gruesomely injuring a minor.

Haki Africa Rapid response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta has urged TSC to intervene and properly grill Mr. Muindi Maina who is alleged to have pinched and badly injured a 10 year old pupil at St. Claret primary school in Kiembeni, Mombasa.

The school is under the Catholic Church administration.

According to witness account, the teacher who was on Monday charged at Mombasa law courts, denied the charges and was released on a Sh. 5,000 cash bail said that the pupil is said to have made noise during English class prompting Mr. Muindi to almost tearing off her left ear.

Haki Africa has since condemned the incident urging relevant authorities to conduct thorough investigations on the school daily activities.

Shipetta said that as a learning institution under a church it should not oppress minors but instead guide them to the right path.

“How inhuman can a teacher be to an extent of savagely injuring such an innocent soul, he should be punished,” noted Shipetta.

She said that Haki Africa received such heartbreaking news in shock.

“As a human rights lobby we are very disappointed, schools should play the lead role in protecting children and not subjecting them to pain and fear,” added an agitated Shipetta.