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Turkish billionaire charged with bribing minors in a defilement case


Turkish billionaire Elsek Osman Erdinc has been charged with bribing three witnesses in a defilement case against him. Two of the witnesses are his adopted children whom he had been educating.

The charge sheet indicates that two of the witnesses bare one of the names of the billionaire. Erdinc, was arrested in January 2019 and charged with defiling three girls between February and October 2018.

Yesterday Mombasa Principal Magistrate Vincent Adet ordered that Erdinc be detained at Nyali Police Station pending his bail determination. “The accused shall be remanded at Nyali Port station until tomorrow pending bail determination,’ said Adet.

State prosecutor Alex Getuma opposed his release on bail arguing that Erdinc will continue interfering with prime state witnesses after paying remedial fees for the minor to recant the evidence they had given in court. Erdinc was yesterday charged with seven charges of conspiracy to defeat justice and interference with witnesses.

He is charged alongside Shahame Aziz Mwidani, who is alleged to be his agent. “Elsek had been granted bail in a sexual case before a Malindi Magistrate court and among terms of bail was not to get in touch with the said witnesses but despite that both the accused went ahead to pay remedial fees for purpose and prepare affidavits and recant the evidence they had given in court,” said Getuma.

It is alleged that between September 1, 2021, and September 1, 2022, in Mombasa County, in order to obstruct the due course of justice, he dissuaded ES, RB, BE who is bound to appear and give evidence as a witness before Chief Magistrate Court in Malindi from appearing and giving evidence.

Erdinc allegedly sent money from his M-Pesa mobile number to one of the victims and her relatives and sent Sh60,000 to a teacher for remedial fees for one of the victims. Mwidani then escorted one of the girl’s ES to a law firm to swear an affidavit to recant her evidence.